Haley Sheffield Photography ReLAUNCH

First off, I want to welcome the beautiful Haley Sheffield to the wonderful city of Atlanta! Nothing makes me more excited than amazing artist moving into the heartbeat of the city! 

I first met Haley when she was shooting for my best friend's wedding in November! I usually do not talk to the photographer's to much but I was really drawn to Haley as a person and developed a girl crush on her BEFORE I even saw her beautiful pictures. And then it happened. I stalked her blog and sure enough I was absolutely taken back from her style of photography and the swoooonliness of every moment she captured! So naturally, my crush grew even more for her! [; 

Months later, I get an email from her asking me if my husband & I would model for her Re-Launch & Re-brand. Of course I said yes... on the condition of also doing my own makeup to help build me portfolio! Oh course, she was excited and said absolutely! 

Also, this day was the day that I found about about The Sentimentalist. I swear I died and went to dress heaven. Not only do they have a vintage collection of wedding dresses but they most beautiful current designers.  

 Juli Vaughn Design is an absolute flower genious. The wall wreath she designed, to the bouquets, to everything in between. She is by far, my new favorite designer in Atlanta! 

Below are a few of the images from the shoot. Make sure to visit Haley's site to see how perfectly everything turned out! 

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