Here it is ROUND THREE.  

In the dead of winter, we rise and we push and we survive it. Winter is the hardest season to create, We are all tired and we are broke but these woman decided to break the trend and fight for art anyway. I am still thankful and so honored to have these artists come and gives their time, money and talent for community projects like this one. 

So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. Thank you for expensive time and talent to invest in this project. I would not be doing this without being surrounded by the best and most giving artists around. You are all worth it and deserve the highest respect in the eyes of all. Cheers to you all who wake up and fight for your dream and art everyday. Keep pushing and keep working. 

I titled this round, BOW DOWN. Not in the sense of we are the greatest but WE, the artist, BOW DOWN because we come to the audience in a posture of honor and gratefulness. We Bow Down to the muses of this Earth, to the inspiration and moments that spark the fuel inside of us to keep going. Let us all hold ourselves to humbleness and good heart so we can stay in a flow of creation.



Let me introduce you to the team! 

The stylist this round was Steph Thorpe. I met Stephanie through a mutual friend and photographer, Emilia Pare, who shot in the first round of HTA.  Steph has a beautiful eye for style.  She connects and learns the heart of the client, studies the body and has a creative eye that beyond amazing. Not only does she style, but she is a model as well. She brings an ease onto every set she works on and gladly helps direct model movement and  gives confidence and ease to everyone she works with. So naturally, I was so excited to have this amazing women, talent and friend join me on this round! 

The model is Marwa Bashir.  This woman is a senior stylist at P&J which proves her inner artistry as well. Girl can sling some scissors and get you looking fly and fresh in nooooooo time! I was thankful to get her on her day off and have her join the team. Marwa has the perfect personality to be thrown into a ring like HTA.  These days are the hardest on the model. It is a full day of hair and makeup, four different locations all over the city. Not only did she have to meet all the photographers for the first time but she had to be flexible with the vision and space they created for her in a short amount of time. Marwa rolled with the punches and just killed it modeling. What a babe! 

This round I stuck to doing the hair and makeup. Don't worry, next round I am bringing on another artist for this and I can't wait to pass it on! I stuck with a natural wave for hair and a natural face with blue eyeliner as a pop. If you have explored the rest of my website, you will notice that I have a love for character. I love messy and natural styled makeup paired with good styling. Glam can be fun, but I enjoy faces that have more story to them.

Here are the photographesr in order of who shot first in the day! Please take the time to go to their websites, send them a love note, follow their art on social media! These are truly talented artists and every little thing goes a long way in everyone's book. 

Seriously, go to the websites below. The artistry will take you away on such a soul journey to get to know each of their hearts and eyes in photography. 

**** NOTE these images are in carousal form, please scroll on photos to right to see ALL IMAGES!

Mikaela Hamilton Steinwedell

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