Black Veils and Ribbon Ties

I got to creatively work with photographer Jamie Clayton & model Lauren Staub.  Originally, they got together to plan another type of shoot then asked me to creatively come on board with some different ideas. 

Once I met Lauren, I knew she was a perfect match for this vision I have had in my mind and notebook for quite sometime. This image originally came up for me when I moved to Nashville almost two years ago. I was in a place of darkness and torn but was still pressing in to become more whole and needing my time in nature to heal me.

The vision I had was of black ribbons in the forrest. I kept picturing them nailed down into a stump and having this tie to the ground but also this dark softness within the weakness of being human. The soft silk dark ribbons having this play on you can easily let them go or you can easily tie them around you and let them hold you down. But I knew that I had the power to keep them nailed down or take them out and use them as a weapon of protecting my personal freedom. 

The black veil is a sign of a personal funeral of old self. Letting go, pushing out and stepping into your personal whole water cleansing. Letting the wind carry away the baggage and rising to the healing. 

May these visions inspire the whole being. 


Hayley BidezComment